Foreign Offices & Consulting

Business Oregon helps existing Oregon businesses grow their companies by accessing overseas markets. Personal assistance is available from professionals located here in Oregon, as well as from the state's Japan office. This office includes a bilingual trade specialist with both private-sector experience and knowledge of Oregon products, companies, and culture.

Contacts for Oregon Industries

Advanced Manufacturing: Alexa Byers, 503-475-1832
Clean Technology: Sunun Setboonsarng, 503-229-6057
Forestry & Wood Products: Amanda Welker, 503-505-4968
High Technology: Alexa Byers, 503-475-1832
Outdoor Gear and Activewear: Amanda Welker, 503-505-4968

Services Provided

Company-specific Counseling
Business Oregon offers companies counseling on export related questions and concerns by providing the services and expertise of our Global Trade Specialists.

Business Oregon can assist Oregon companies looking for foreign agent/distributors, foreign customers or joint venture partners.

Trade Shows
International trade shows are an effective tool that can help companies enter new markets or expand sales in existing markets. The Global Trade Specialists team organizes Oregon participation in various trade events, including trade shows.

Trade Missions
Business Oregon helps plan and execute the Governor's Trade Missions.

Foreign Offices
Through our overseas representatives in Japan we are able to make available to companies Oregon's international networks of foreign government officials, foreign companies and foreign trade associations. Our foreign office provides due diligence when researching potential agents and distributors in foreign markets, supply on the ground knowledge of global competition in foreign markets, and can offer expertise in business protocol in foreign cultures.

Capacity-Building Events (Outreach)
Business Oregon's Global Trade Specialists and our foreign trade specialists conduct strategically targeted outreach and training events for new and established Oregon exporters.

Market research
Business Oregon is able to offer Oregon companies targeted market research in foreign markets—depending on the market and the industry.


Through the Export Promotion Program we offer limited financial assistance for selected trade shows that cover targeted business/industry cluster areas. Funds allow small-sized Oregon companies to showcase their products or services in foreign markets. The program covers as much as 50% of a company's eligible expenses up to a maximum of $10,000 per event.

Strategic Outlook

Business Oregon is actively working on enhancing opportunities for Oregon companies by building on the national focus on promoting exports via the President's National Export Initiative which aims to double US exports within 5 years.

In cooperation with our state and local partners, Business Oregon is developing a strategic approach to new and emerging foreign markets for Oregon companies.

Business Oregon also is working on enhancing our existing outreach efforts to ensure that more Oregon companies consider foreign markets as opportunities.